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141 maneiras de dizer “bêbado” em Inglês

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Drunk não é a única palavra pra descrever seu estado quando se toma umas a mais. Conheça 141 sinônimos para bêbado em Inglês, compilado pela BBC.

bêbado em Cardiff

Ankled (Bristol)

Badgered, Banjaxed, Battered, Befuggered, Bernard Langered, Bladdered, Blasted, Blathered, Bleezin, Blitzed, Blootered, Blottoed, Bluttered, Boogaloo, Brahms & Liszt, Buckled, Burlin

Cabbaged, Chevy Chased, Clobbered

Decimated, Dot Cottoned, Druck-steaming, Drunk as a Lord, Drunk as a skunk


Fecked, Fleemered (Origem Alemã), Four to the floor

Gatted, Goosed, Got my beer goggles on, Guttered (Inverness)

Had a couple of shickers, Hammer-blowed, Hammered, Hanging, Having the whirlygigs, Howling

Inebriated, Intoxicated

Jahalered, Jaiked up (Oeste da Escócia), Jan’d – abreviatura para Jan Hammered, Jaxied, Jeremied, Jolly


Lagged up, Lamped, Langered (Irlanda) [também langers, langerated], Laroped ou larrupt, Lashed, Leathered, Legless, Liquored up, Locked, Locked out of your mind (Irlanda), Loo la

Mad wey it, Mandoo-ed, Mangled, Manky, Mashed, Meff’d, Merl Haggard, Merry, Minced, Ming-ho, Minging, Moired, Monged, Monkey-full, Mottled, Mullered

Newcastled, Nicely irrigated with horizontal lubricant

Off me pickle, Off me trolley, On a campaign, Out of it, Out yer tree

Paggered, Palintoshed, Paraletic, Peelywally, Peevied, Pickled, Pie-eyed, Pished, Plastered, Poleaxed, Pollatic

Rat-legged (Stockport), Ratted, Ravaged, Razzled, Reek-ho, Rendered, Rosy glow, Rubbered, Ruined

Saying hello to Mr Armitage, Scattered, Schindlers, Screwed, Scuttered (Dublin), Shedded [as in ” My shed has collapsed taking most of the fence with it”], Slaughtered, Sloshed, Smashed, Snatered (Irlanda), Snobbled (País de Gales), Sozzled, Spangled, Spannered, Spiffed, Spongelled, Squiffy, Steamin, Steampigged, Stocious, Stonkin

Tanked, Tashered, Tipsy, Trashed, Trollied, Troubled, Trousered, Twisted

Warped, Wasted, Wellied, With the fairies, Wrecked


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